Cat Day Mail Art pieces are posted just in time today

Having finished doing 10 mailart pieces for November 12 IUOMA Cat Day Mail Art exchange, this afternoon I posted them in envelopes - almost identical in design with only a little difference of small clippings added the last moment - to 9 participants + Michalis (a response) at Sirkeci Post Office.

The black cat tangram (See top above) went to the lover of them: To produce a black cat, I tried a tangram shape. I see that tangram figures are almost shadows; they are faceless, expressionless. There should be sth worth to design these pieces in a humorous way but I haven’t known yet.

The old cartoon about a great dog show with a black cat went to the cat lover dog artist of course.

There are two identical pieces of a cat pondering: WHAT IF I (This will be a complete question about a mailart project soon I hope).

There is another twin cards of a sleeping cat.

And my four identical simple drawings of a cat on an envelope.
The last 8 cards are enveloped at random: I will see if the participants publish when they receive them.

First IUOMA Cat Day Mail Art envelope arrives from KAT today

To my surprise, I found only Katerina Nikoltsou's mailart envelope in the POB, not any expected cartoon competition brochures at all. Happy Cat Day! Thank you very much KAT! Your nice artwork is on time indeed and with that lovely artistamp on the envelope: Turkish Delight!


Mailart received from Michalis Kotsaris, Greece

Today arrived this color artwork from Michalis Kotsaris, Greece; a nice surprise: "Sea Home", (tempera) 2010. Many thanks Michalis.