International Mail Art Project 2016, Turkey: "Masculine Violence"

This project is open to all artists wishing to participate in “Masculine Violence – Mail Art Exhibition 2016” to be held at Istanbul / Turkey in March 2016. The project will be realized by Atölye Arts-In for March 8th, International Women’s Day.
1. Participation is free.
2. Each artist may participate in the project with not more than three artworks.
3. Category: Painting, Drawing/Design, Unique Press, Photograph, Digital Art, Video (1 minute), Sound Recording (1 minute)
4. Dimensions: 10x15 cm – Maximum A4
5. Technique: All and any kinds of techniques may be applied.
6. Racist, fanatic and pornographic artworks will not be exhibited.
7. The artworks should be original, and should not be photocopy or reproduction.
8. Artworks sent for the exhibition will not be returned. Unsold artworks will remain in Atölye Arts-In archives.
9. Visuals of the artworks will be published at http://masculine-violence.blogspot.com.tr/
10. All and any news and documents relating to the exhibition will be shared at the following internet addresses:
11. Last application date (Deadline): 25 February 2016
12. Exhibit Dates: 08 – 15 March 2016
13. Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s). Name and surname of artist, name of artwork, technique, date, artist’s mailing address, artist’s e-mail address and if any, website address
14. Artworks should be sent by mail to the following address:
Meral Ağar PK. 7
Beşiktaş PTT 34354
Beşiktaş – İstanbul / Turkey
For information: meral_agar@yahoo.com.tr
Atölye Arts-In: http://artsin2010.blogspot.com/.


International Mail Art Project “The Camel”

“The Camel”
International Mail Art Project
Canary Islands,
Tenerife, Spain 2015
Artists from all over the world are invited to participate in this International Mail Art Project organized by the Espacio 2C Contemporary Art.
Everyone is welcome to participate, all ages and skill levels are welcome.
Itinerant exhibitions of the received works will have place in the Espacio 2C Contemporary Art Gallery, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain.
All the works will be exhibited online in a special album posted in the event too and later there will be also pictures taken at the exhibition.
All the Works will become part of the Espacio 2C Mail Art Collection of public nature as a heritage for further study and reference.
Theme: “The Camel”
Size: Postcard (10 x 15 cm)
Technique: Free (watercolour, painting, drawing, collage, chalcography, art rubber, stamps and so on)
No jury, no fees, no return of the works, only original works, no copies.
Send the artworks in an envelope (decorated envelopes will be part of the exhibition), maximum 3 (three) artworks by each artist.
No racist-sexist-obscene submissions admitted.
Deadline: Works must arrive by the 30th October 2015.
An extension will be considered due to the amount of artworks received by the deadline date.
Please clearly indicate name, address, email address and a website (blog) if available on the back of the card.
Send your card to:
Espacio 2C
c/o Tulio Peraza
Centro Cultural Jardín de la Estrella
Calle Mencey Taoro
Urb. Llano del Camello
38639 Tenerife, Spain.
WEB: thecamelmailartproject2015.