B. Chiarlone sends his recent collection of mailart correspondence

Bruno's catalog is dated 24 August 2012 as the first edition and includes two essays on mailart by Guy Bleus. The first one is the conclusion part of the long text already published: http://www.mailart.be/initiation.html . The second article is entitled "Mail-Art During This Last Decade". "In the end," Bleus says, "not the computer, fax-machine or postbox, but communication is the message".
There is the third essay in the book by Silvia Topa Marazzina unfortunately in Italian that is totally Greek to me.
The catalog is of size 22x14.5 cm and has 90 color pages.
Many thanks Bruno!
See their projects brochure also.

Collaged card in envelope for the exhibition "The End of the World"

Collage in envelope to Dorian Ribas Marinho's project: The End


Postcard arrives from Jan Theuninck, Belgium: Hill 60

What mailart I received today? And posted any?

"Hill 60" postcard from Jan Theuninck
"MAIL ART book" catalog from Bruno Chiarlone
Another "Island Mail-art" catalog from Rebecca Guyver.
Many thanks to all!
Soon to scan and post images I hope!
Yes. Sent 2 collaged cards in envelopes to Brazil, both on topic of the End of the World before the end comes! I made one more to post to the States. Also two cards to be sent for exhibition projects in Germany. Got the stamps  from the historical post office in Sirkeci today. Will send them Monday. Made about 10 collages also, mostly futuristanbul theme! The maps!