31 December 2018 Theatre GREECE

31 December 2018 Typical German? GERMANY

31 December My Passport PORTUGAL / BRAZIL

31 December 2018 Science Fiction FRANCE

31 December 2018 Minimalism FRANCE

28 December 2018 Dystopia TURKEY

01 December 2018 Neighborhood SPAIN

30 November 2018 What makes you happy THE NETHERLANDS

20 November 2018 Hundred Postcards TAIWAN

15 November 2018 1968 ITALY

31 October 2018 Visual Disturbances GERMANY

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25 October 2018 Sapanca: Route of Migratory Birds TURKEY

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01 October 2018 Much Hands GERMANY

01 October 2018 Art without Death GERMANY

30 September 2018 New York - Big Apple IV USA

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20 September 2018 Tales / Childhood Dreams FRANCE

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03 August 2018 The world in 10 years BRAZIL

29 July 2018 Borders ARGENTINA

15 July 2018 Blowing in the Wind ITALY

30 June 2018 Liberty + Free theme UK

20 June 2018 Watermarks GERMANY

20 June 2018 The Post GREECE

15 June 2018 Workshop of Peace ITALY

01 June 2018 Up in the Sky HUNGARY

31 May 2018 The post Industrial War GERMANY

30 April 2018 Communicating ARGENTINA

30 April 2018 On the vera, of the Shore SPAIN

25 April 2018 Denmark is DENMARK

01 April 2018 Fire SPAIN

31 March 2018 Refugees GERMANY

31 March 2018 Children's Rights TURKEY

31 March 2018 Essence of the universe TURKEY

30 March 2018 Your Most Beautiful Memory FRANCE

30 March 2018 Egg HUNGARY

15 March 2018 Free theme FRANCE

01 March 2018 Seasons USA

28 February 2018 Lady Madonna THE NETHERLANDS

13 January 2018 Squirrel USA


3rd mail art call of Correio do Porto and SEONA, Espaço Criativo

3rd mail art call of Correio do Porto (Portugal)
and SEONA, Espaço Criativo (Brasil)
Theme: My passport (places where I went, where I want to go back, where I want to go and where I do not want to go or go back) 
Size: 10 x 15 cm
Technique: free
Postcards without envelope
No jury, no fee, no judge
Deadline: 31 December 2018
Send a postcard to:
Rua Pádua Correia, 191, sala 5.1 
The postcards will be on display in Correio do Porto, on facebook and a physical exhibition.
The works sent to Portugal will be part of the Correio do Porto collection.
Send another postcard to:
SEONA, Espaço Criativo 
Confraria de Arte Postal Selus 
Rua Mariante 804/2 
The works will be exhibited in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in public space at a date and place to be announced.
Subsequently, they will be exhibited in Portugal with the postcards sent to the Correio do Porto.
The works sent to Porto Alegre will be part of the SEONA, Creative Space collection.
More information at: geral.correiodoporto@gmail.com
and https://www.facebook.com/SeonaEspacoCriativo/.


Second International Postcard Art Call from Feevale University, Brazil

The Circular Project of Feevale University are opening the Second International Postcard Art Call! The subject is "The world in 10 years", celebrating the Circular Project 10th anniversary!


Mail art call from Patagonia, Argentina : Borders

The Direction of Visual Arts of the Secretary of State for Culture of the province of Santa Cruz summons visual artists to participate in a mail art exhibition in August 2018 in the city of Río Gallegos.
Those interested should send one or more works related to the topic “borders", via postal mail, to:
Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz 
Ramón y Cajal no. 51, Río Gallegos (Z.C.9400), 
prov. of Santa Cruz, Argentina. 
All techniques (drawing, engraving, painting, collage, digital art, photography, etc.) will be accepted in postal size (10 X 15 cm).
The works received will become part of the heritage of the Secretary and will also be published on its website.
Also, the following information must be attached: Name and surname, ID, mail, postal address.
Shipments will be received until July 29st.
Queries to muestrasartesvisuales@gmail.com or Facebook.com/artesvisualessantacruz.


Mailart call: Blowing in the Wind

MaiL’Art Controvento da appendere affinché
Blowin' In The Wind:)
deadline: july 15th 2018
send to:
Via del Municipio 4,
06022 Fossato di Vico
(Perugia) ITALY
or to
all shown, no return
final exibition in Fossato di Vico
and perugiamusica.