Asymmetry mailart received from Pedro Bericat, Spain

Thank you Pedro.

Drawing received in envelope from Juraj Jonke, Croatia

"Aleksandroue Stube" (Zagreb).
Thank you Juraj.

Mailart arrives in a transparent envelope from Ever Arts, Nederland

Thank you Ever Arts.

Brain Cell 1087 received from Ryosuke Cohen, Japan

Thank you Ryosuke.

Asymmetry mailart received from Leslie Atkins, the Netherlands

"ShovelNose Guitarfish and Garibaldi Fish meet in California kelp forest"
Thank you Leslie.

Asymmetry envelope received from Chevalier Daniel C. Boyer, USA

Thank you Daniel.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Mick Boyle, USA

"Haiku Garden"
"Space boots".
Thank you Mick.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Türkan Elçi, Turkey

 Thank you Türkan.

Asymmetry mailart received from Mzia, Belgium

Thank you Mzia.

Postcard arrives in envelope from The Wasted Angel, Belgium

The envelope is postmarked 15.11.2019. Almost ten months' time.
Seems the new normal started earlier than we heard about it.
Thank you The Wasted Angel.

Received asymmetry mailart from Ms. Pati Bristow, USA

Thank you Ms. Pati Bristow.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Jennifer Weigel,USA

Thank you Jennifer.

Postcard arrives from Lars Schumacher, Germany

Thank you Lars.