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31 December 2017 Free Theme BRAZIL

16 December 2017 Kurt Schwitters GERMANY

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14 April 2017 Free theme Turda, Romania

31 March 2017 Time and Clocks USA

30 March 2017 Visual Poetry ARGENTINA

01 February 2017 D. Quixhote and S. Pancha PORTUGAL

31 January 2017 Showing me home GERMANY

31 January 2017 Love and hearts ITALY

30 January 2017 Mushrooms World SPAIN


Mail art project in Szeged, Hungary

Mail art project in Szeged, Hungary: “Up in the Sky”
Theme: Aviation / airplanes / flying
Size / Format: 10x15 cm (4 by 6 inch) postcard
Technique: free
Conditions: The postcard should refer to the aviation, airplanes, or air transport.
All work will be exhibited in Summer 2018 (the date to be decided later) in an airshow.
Mail artworks received will be posted at: skymailart.blogspot.com
No jury, no fee, no return
Maximum 2 artworks per authors.
Offensive materials will not be published, but jokes are appeciated.
Deadline: June 1, 2018
Send to:
Gyöngyvirág u. 6/B 10/30 
Szeged H-6723 HUNGARY


Postal art project in Saint Angeau, a small village in France

The association of Drôles and Drôlesses of Saint Angeau and surroundings launches a postal art project, the exhibition of all the works received will take place in April 2018 in Saint Angeau (a small village of Charente in France)
SUPPORT: Any standard rigid support (postcard, photo, drawing sheet, plastic plate, ...) maximum A4 format or object that can be sent by post ONLY.
TECHNICAL: painting, collages, photos ...
THEME: free 
We request on each shipment the name of the sender and his e-mail address
To be considered a mail art: postage, cancellation and address of the recipient, must be part of the work. 
Deadline for shipping : March 15, 2018
Association Drôles et Drôlesses, Art Postal 2018 Mairie de Saint Angeau, Place Arsène Roudy 16230 Saint-Angeau FRANCE


Call: (DIS)Borders International Exhibition of Visual Poetry 2017, Brazil

Wherever you are, send us a visual poetry, a postal artwork, a postcard poetry, a concretepoetry-artwork, undo barriers, dissolve the borders and make part of this international exhibition.
Types of art: Free.
Technique: It’s about sending by post a work that can be a poetry, a visual production, or what you understand by visual poetry. Write, paint, draw, paste, sew, print, photograph! The materiality must be necessarily sent by mail, without a stamp, it doesn’t fit.
Send it until August 21st , 2017.
Send to the adress:
FEEVALE Theather (Cultural Space)
ERS-239, n° 2755
Câmpus II – Feevale University
Zip Code: 93.548-48
Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil
Including your fullname, City, Country, email and the title: (DIS)BORDERS
* There is no selection. The works wont be returned. All the works received will be exposed and will make part of a digital catalogue.
** The exhibition will take place at Feevale Cultural Space, from 04/09 to 05/11/2017.
Production: FEEVALE Cultural Space, PET
Support: FEEVALE Theather, Circular Project, LAMM, Arte na Escola
Achievement: Feevale University.