Mail Art Call : Collage & Collaboration, Germany

(Mail Art)
• due date: 2021-07-15 
• theme: Collage & Collaboration (two become one) 
• show: 2021-08-05 > 2021-08-08 
• show address: Tempelhof Feld (Airport Berlin Tempelhof, Weather-Station, House 104) 
• submission address: Lars Schumacher, Mittelstrasse 37, D - 31303 Burgdorf / Hannover, Germany 
• kid friendly, maximum submissions 3 
• maximum dimensions: 210 x 297 mm | 8.3 x 11.7 portrait format 
• information: An open call for submissions for an exhibition of all forms of collage & collaboration in mail art. No jury, no entry fee, there is no censorship, and all works are exhibited. The original contributions are not to be returned and remain the property of the organizers, but a digital documentation is free to all the participants in exchange for their works. Submissions will be displayed both digitally and in a local art exhibition, examples can be reproduced in print if necessary, there may be other international exhibitions in which the work is shown.


International mail art project in Italy: My Book

"My Book" - Create your cover book
Deadline: 30-04-2021
Dimension max: A6 (10x15)
N° max works: two for artist
Send to:
"Covo della ladra" via Scutari 5,
20127 Milan - Italy
Exposition into library (May 2021) and
Instagram and Facebook:
"La mia copertina - My book".


Mailart from Fred Michiels, Belgium

Thank you Fred.

In: Mimmo di Caterino, Italy

Cannot scan the portrait sketches in the envelope
for the paint is still wet unfortunately.
Thank you Mimmo.

Received photos and a digital print from Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Turkey

Thank you Mustafa.

Anachronism mailart arrives from Ulviye Özönder Aydın, Turkey

Thank you Ulviye.

Received mailart in envelope from Horvath Piroska, Austria

Thank you Horvath.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Antonio Mousinho, Portugal

"O Mocho"
Thank you Antonio.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Okan Boydaş, Turkey

Thank you Okan.

Mailart received in envelope from Conceiçao Bento, Portugal

Thank you Conceiçao.

Mailart project ICTUS document received from Miguel Jimenez, Spain

I participated in the project with a collage.
Thank you Miguel.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Miche-Art-Universalis, Belgium

Thank you Miche.

Mailart received in envelope from Ted Trager, USA

Thank you Ted.