Painted card received in envelope from Rittiner & Gomez, Switzerland

Thank you Rittiner & Gomez.

This postcard is sent to me twice by Awyn, Canada

Awyn writes on a separate piece: "14 March 2024 Well, this is a crazy thing, Kozy! I mailed this card to you in February, but it somehow got stuck to a card being mailed to Carl Baker in Ontario in Canada. As we three are all IUOMA members, he kindly sent it back to me so that I could mail it back to you in a new envelope. I hope it gets to you okay this time!" 

So many thanks Awyn. A long time I feel I owe you and now Carl some mailart soon!


Open Call "kreiseln", Germany

Dear friends of art, 
planning is already underway for the 2025 exhibition year, when there will be an extended group exhibition. The concept is as follows: The Kunstverein Eislingen is initiating an inter/national mail art campaign and exhibition. 
Mailart began in the 1960s when artists sent postcards inscribed with poems or drawings through the post rather than exhibiting or selling them through conventional commercial channels. Its origins can be found in Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters and the Italian futurists. But it was the New York artist Ray Johnson who, in the mid 1950s, posted small collages, prints of abstract drawings and poems to art world notables giving rise to what eventually became known as the New York Correspondence School. Mailart and can take a variety of forms including postcards, packages, faxes, emails and blogs. (vgl. www.tate.org.uk/art/art-terms/m/mail-art
This brief outline serves as inspiration and transfer for your own artistic work, which must take the following points into account: 
- Size of the work: from a minimum of A10 to a maximum of A4. 
- 1 work per participant, of course joint works are also possible. 
- The techniques are free: graphics, painting, photography, watercolor, collage, mixed media ... 
- The theme is "kreiseln" – we are curious to see what artistic ideas you can come up with for this rare verb. 
- You are welcome to sign the work, give it a title, stamp it, etc. 
- Back of the artwork: Please make sure to include a legible name + valid address + email address if applicable. 
- The artwork must be able to be sent by post in an envelope, i.e. it should be "flat goods"; the work is realized on paper, thin cardboard or similar. Of course, the design of the envelope may already reveal that art is on its way. But please send it in such a way that Deutsche Post will actually deliver it. No parcels please, as these cannot be delivered to the gallery. 
- The deadline is June 20, 2025; we will not be able to consider submissions received after this date. 
- Address: 
Kunstverein Eislingen 
Galerie in der Alten Post 
Boris Kerenski 
Bahnhofstraße 12 
D-73054 Eislingen 
As usual with mailart calls, you will NOT receive the work back, as the individual contribution is/will be part of the overall project. We will also have to forego the administrative effort of insuring the work. 
Mailart contributions will be shown from 08.11.–07.12.2025 in the Galerie Alte Post in the Kunstverein Eislingen, the vernissage will take place on 07.11.2025 at 7 pm. After the exhibition, the board will decide to which suitable institution the contributions from the mail art campaign should be handed over. This could be, for example, the collection of the city of Eislingen. 
We have also made a firm commitment to the good practice of documentation in the form of a publication (catalog). All participants should receive a specimen copy. 
Please send any questions to: kunstverein-eislingen@gmx.de 
With best wishes
Boris Kerenski.


Asymmetry works arrive from Indiana, the USA

N. Raen Mendez from University of Southern Indiana
sent a group of works for my project "Asymmetry".
Thank you Nancy and the contributing artists all.
David M. Lloveras
Kayla Allen
Mikayla Sutterfield
Kamryn Johnson
Eli Fossett
Shelley Trotter
Derek Helmer
Hadison Kurtz.