Call: (DIS)Borders International Exhibition of Visual Poetry 2017, Brazil

Wherever you are, send us a visual poetry, a postal artwork, a postcard poetry, a concretepoetry-artwork, undo barriers, dissolve the borders and make part of this international exhibition.
Types of art: Free.
Technique: It’s about sending by post a work that can be a poetry, a visual production, or what you understand by visual poetry. Write, paint, draw, paste, sew, print, photograph! The materiality must be necessarily sent by mail, without a stamp, it doesn’t fit.
Send it until August 21st , 2017.
Send to the adress:
FEEVALE Theather (Cultural Space)
ERS-239, n° 2755
Câmpus II – Feevale University
Zip Code: 93.548-48
Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil
Including your fullname, City, Country, email and the title: (DIS)BORDERS
* There is no selection. The works wont be returned. All the works received will be exposed and will make part of a digital catalogue.
** The exhibition will take place at Feevale Cultural Space, from 04/09 to 05/11/2017.
Production: FEEVALE Cultural Space, PET
Support: FEEVALE Theather, Circular Project, LAMM, Arte na Escola
Achievement: Feevale University.