Mailart arrives in envelope from Nazan A. Kalebek, Turkey

Thank you Nazan.

Asymmetry collages in envelope from Dragana Vesovic, Serbia

Thank you Dragana.

Anachronism mailart received from Gunn N. Morstöl, Norway

Thank you Gunn.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Gunn N. Morstöl

Thank you Gunn.

Asymmetry mailart received from Ceren Baykan, Turkey

"Asimetrik Dünya"
Thank you Ceren.

Postcard arrives from Loveandloathingart, USA

No Title.
Ink on watercolor paper.
Thank you ESS22.

Asymmetry received from Anna Dora Szepesi, Hungary

Thank you Anna.

Asymmetry mailart received from Mel Anie, UK

"The Night is Back"
Thank you Mel Anie.

Asymmetry mailart received from Ife Niklaus, Switzerland

"No straight lines
for everything wanders
even the horizon"
Thank you Ife.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Hanna Bayer, Germany

Thank you Hanna.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Ingeborg Henrichs, Germany

Thank you Ingeborg.

New Year greeting card received from Lutz Anders, Germany

Thank you Lutz.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Valentina Stefanescu, Romania

"I see you slowly"
(collage and print)
Thank you Valentina.

Asymmetry mailart received from Viviana Andrada, Argentina

"La réplica"
Thank you Viviana.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Juraj Jonke, Croatia

Thank you Juraj.