Brain Cell 1083 arrives from Ryosuke Cohen, Japan

Thank you Ryosuke.

Anakhronismos in 12 pages from Simon Warren, UK

Thank you Simon.

Asymmetry postcard received from Lorenz Mueller-Morenius, Germany

Thank you Lorenz.

Asymmetric postcard and more from Vittore Baroni, Italy

"The weight of words".
Thank you Vittore.

Asymmetry postcard arrives from Robert Matejcek, USA

Thank you Robert.

Asymmetry postcard arrives from Lutz Anders, Germany

Thank you Lutz.

Asymmetry mailart received in envelope from Meral Ağar, Turkey

Thank you Meral.

Mailart in envelope from Keiichi Nakamura, Japan

Thank you Nakamura.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Karen Wood, USA

Thank you Karen.