A New Mail Art Project : VOTE

I Invite You To Participate 
Theme : what does Voting mean to you? The cornerstone of a democracy is the citizen’s right to vote. On November 3rd, Americans will Vote for the next President of the United States. Let’s say this mail art is your ballot - what are you Voting for? What would you like to see changed? 
This project also serves as a way to support the US Postal Service. 
Participation is FREE and encourage from around the world 
Technique is FREE - painting, drawing, collage, mixed media, photographs, 3 D objects, etc. 
Size is FREE - whatever you can get through the postal system 
There is NO jury selection 
There will be NO return of mail art 
There will be NO sales 
The mail art will be scanned and posted on www.votemailart.wordpress.com and also on Instagram at @votemailart. Please only include a return address if you don’t mind it being published online. 
Please only send mail art on the theme VOTE. Other mail art will not be published. 
Deadline - Must be postmarked by November 3, 2020 
The project will be donated to the Special Collections at Vanderbilt University Library in Nashville, Tennessee, USA 
In the words of Ray Johnson, “Please Send To”: 
Jason Brown 
PO Box 160267 
TN 37216 
 or email to nashmailart@gmail.com 


Asymmetry mailart from Horvath Piroska, Austria

Couldn't scan the third piece that needs drying.
Thank you Horvath.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

"By the sea"
Thank you Antonia.

Asymmetry mailart from Tamara Wyndham, the USA

(from petroglyph).
Tamara Wyndham's website here.
Thank you Tamara.

Asymmetry mailart received from Sabela Bana, Spain

Thank you Sabela.

Feel Mail arrives in envelope from Carien van Hest, the Netherlands

Feel mailart in the small haptic envelope.
Thank you Carien.

Feel Mail postcard arrives from Pam Chavez, the USA

The wonderful hedgehog print cloth is sewn-on the card.
Feel the haptic poetry indeed.
Pam Chavez website here.
Thank you Pam.