A call for nominations - We need your help!

Dear subscribers and mail art enthusiasts,
We have been waiting anxiously to launch our mail art challenge here at Mail a Smile and have been in contact with those recipients lined up to receive mail art from our project. However due to various circumstances the timing has not been ideal for some and therefore we have had to postpone our mailings.Therefore we are now turning to you all for help!
We are keen to begin our next mail art challenge as soon as possible and we are now asking for nominations for those in need of smiles and uplifting mail art surprises in their mailbox!We would like the following information for your nominees:
* Name, age and short description of the nominee.
* A short background story.
* An address for the nominee (Address will NOT be shared publicly on our blog, it will only be distributed to those who participate in the challenge.)
* We would also love a photo to go with the story.
* Any blog links relating to the nominee are very appreciated.
Please e-mail your nominations to: info@mailasmile.org
What will happen next?
When the nominees have been received and sorted the next mail art challenge will be launched! We will reveal the recipients on our blog and artists will be able to sign up for the challenge. Then all being well, someone out there in this big wide world will receive some bright, happy, beautiful mail art in their mailbox at a time when they might need a little cheer. Any feedback from the recipient will be sent out to our challenge participants!
So please consider nominating someone in need of a smile and read more about our project at www.mailasmile.org.
Mail a Smile info@mailasmile.org .


Collaged mailart sent by e-mail: Free Culture University of Chile

Sent to FR33 Festival organised by CLUCH - Free Culture University of Chile.
The works will be exhibited in the halls of the university and will be posted on the event's website http://festival.libr3.org/ and in an article in the magazine of contemporary art and new trends “Escáner Cultural” www.escaner.cl will be in charge of this exhibition. After the festival the whole of the works will be touring the headquarters of the communities that organized the festival. To finally be part of the heritage of culture and technology network free.
Compensation: Each author will receive a thank you letter with a list of all participants and all the works will be exhibited at the festival website.