Sent out for the project in Laignes, France

The project website here.

Collage in envelope to Gunther Schwind / Arttower, Germany

Artist's Menu: Mailart to Paola Baldassini, Italy

The project blog here.

Collaged card in envelope to Jean-Pierre Comes, France

The Monk: Mail Art Exhibition catalog received from Mr. Colori

This color catalog of size 29.5x21 cm. has 32 pages including the covers. The work on the front page is by Micheline Fournier (Canada) and the back page shows the envelope from Dr. Jaspal's (India). From Turkey are four participants, namely Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Şinasi Güneş, Kemal Özyurt, and Funda Ülker. My collage in the catalog here.
Full contributions on monk-project.blogspot.com.
Thank you Mr. Colori.

Postcard arrives from Lutz Anders, Germany

Thank you Lutz.

Mailart in envelope from Jiri Subrt, Czech Republic

Thank you Jiri.

Mailart in envelope from Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

Thank you Antonia.