Anachronism mailart from Miguel Jimenez, Spain

Thank you Miguel.

Anachronism by Eduard Jakabhazi, Romania

Thank you Eduard.

Anachronism by Sandor Aranyi, Hungary

Thank you Sandor.

Anachronism by Kata Marosi, Hungary

Thank you Kata.

Anachronism by Biro Ildiko, Hungary

Thank you Biro.

Anachronism mailart from Alexandru Jakabhazi, Romania

Thank you Alexandru.

Received anachronism mailart from Roberto Scala, Italy

Thank you Roberto.

Anachronism mailart arrives from Bruno Cassaglia, Italy

Thank you Bruno.


Call extended : On-going mailart project : Anachronism

Drawing - Painting - Photographic Art - Collage Art
Create a postcard or paint an envelope to show
chronological inconsistencies: A n a c h r o n i s m.
Everyone is welcome in this project, all ages and skill levels.
No pornography, no offensive images.
Size: Free
No deadline - No jury - No return of works.
Your artwork will be exhibited online the blog
If realize an exhibition, document to all participants.
Please send your mailart marked "anachronism" to
Kemal Ozyurt 
P.K.407 Sirkeci PTT
Fatih 34115 Istanbul 
Do not send registered or certified mail.
Thank you.