Cat+ card and ATC in envelope from Roberto, Puerto Rico

Roberto's cat+ word is CAThedral.

Cat+ mailart received from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

Katerina's cat+ words are CATchup & CATastrophe.

Cat+ mailart card in envelope to Cathérine Petré, Belgium

Cat+ mailart card in envelope to Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

This is an exchange project Valentine Mark Herman started over at the Katerina Cat group (now Group for Cat-Lovers). Everyone chooses a word that has C-A-T in it and then we all exchange mailart with one another. My word is CAT'S PAW. 14 artists participate in the project. Sending deadline is Sep 1. More info on IUMA website.


Received yesterday the collaged postcard from Mim Golub Scalin

On the back is the handwritten quotation:
"For some unknown reason, Mae thought about the number 5, whenever she looked at a de Kooning painting" (Her friends thought this was odd.)The card featuring de Kooning's Lisbeth's Painting is altered by adding the number 5 and the thinking woman. Everything in the quote is depicted in combination on the front of the card. Very creative indeed.
Many thanks Mim. Fond of your collages.


Planet Earth is a Large Island with a Huge Ocean Around

Collaged work sent in envelope to Portugal for the mailart project:
Planet Earth is a Large Island with a Huge Ocean Around: