MA exhibition catalog from the Netherlands: Feed the Planet

Received today the color catalog of the mailart exhibition organized in the Netherlands. It is 21x21 cm in size and has 24 pages including the covers. Many thanks to the organizers, esp the curator Mr Colori. My collage in the exhibition is here. Full contributions on feedplanet.blogspot.com. And the new project: The Tower of Babel.

Anonymous mail artist from Russia

This anonymous mailer from Russia sends me in envelope some photocopies of a few mailart calls from Germany already informed of. Thanks a lot. Very kind of you.



Orange summer card arrives from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

City of the Future mailart exhibition catalogs arrive from Tunusia

The two catalogs of the project in Germany are 14x21 cm in size and have 198 pages in total including the covers. My collaged card in the exhibition is here

Malerwinkelhaus mailart call from Roland Halbritter, Germany

And the project blog is here.

Orange Mail from Heleen de Vaan, Nederland

Thank you Heleen for all the orangies in the box!

Bruno Chiarlone, Italy

July 31 is the new deadline for the mailart project "I Belong"

Mailart in the POB

Orange mailart from Heleen and Momcat, Malerwinkelhaus mailart call from Halbritter, also envelope from Bruno, Future City catalogs + mailart call card I BELONG with new deadline 31 JULY. Thank you all: I will try my best!


Diakonie magazin from Norbert Koczorski, Germany

Klaus Staeck, Andreas Pitz, and Norbert Koczorski had an interview about the Georg Büchner mail art project exhibition they have organised which is published in the Diakonie magazin no 1/2014. The editors of the magazine kindly financed the shipment of the issue to the project participants. Thank you all.