Mail Art Call : Collage & Collaboration, Germany

(Mail Art)
• due date: 2021-07-15 
• theme: Collage & Collaboration (two become one) 
• show: 2021-08-05 > 2021-08-08 
• show address: Tempelhof Feld (Airport Berlin Tempelhof, Weather-Station, House 104) 
• submission address: Lars Schumacher, Mittelstrasse 37, D - 31303 Burgdorf / Hannover, Germany 
• kid friendly, maximum submissions 3 
• maximum dimensions: 210 x 297 mm | 8.3 x 11.7 portrait format 
• information: An open call for submissions for an exhibition of all forms of collage & collaboration in mail art. No jury, no entry fee, there is no censorship, and all works are exhibited. The original contributions are not to be returned and remain the property of the organizers, but a digital documentation is free to all the participants in exchange for their works. Submissions will be displayed both digitally and in a local art exhibition, examples can be reproduced in print if necessary, there may be other international exhibitions in which the work is shown.


International mail art project in Italy: My Book

"My Book" - Create your cover book
Deadline: 30-04-2021
Dimension max: A6 (10x15)
N° max works: two for artist
Send to:
"Covo della ladra" via Scutari 5,
20127 Milan - Italy
Exposition into library (May 2021) and
Instagram and Facebook:
"La mia copertina - My book".


Mailart from Fred Michiels, Belgium

Thank you Fred.

In: Mimmo di Caterino, Italy

Cannot scan the portrait sketches in the envelope
for the paint is still wet unfortunately.
Thank you Mimmo.

Received photos and a digital print from Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Turkey

Thank you Mustafa.

Anachronism mailart arrives from Ulviye Özönder Aydın, Turkey

Thank you Ulviye.

Received mailart in envelope from Horvath Piroska, Austria

Thank you Horvath.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Antonio Mousinho, Portugal

"O Mocho"
Thank you Antonio.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Okan Boydaş, Turkey

Thank you Okan.

Mailart received in envelope from Conceiçao Bento, Portugal

Thank you Conceiçao.

Mailart project ICTUS document received from Miguel Jimenez, Spain

I participated in the project with a collage.
Thank you Miguel.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Miche-Art-Universalis, Belgium

Thank you Miche.

Mailart received in envelope from Ted Trager, USA

Thank you Ted.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

Thank you Antonia.

Postcard received from Gonca Warhanek, Austria

Thank you Gonca.

You are Here : II International Mail Art Call, Móstoles 2021, Spain

II Convocatoria Internacional de Arte Postal · II International Mail Art Call

BASES OF THE CALL (english) 
The YOU ARE HERE icon marks our location, places us in a certain space or place. It tells us about places and our relationship with them, but also about our existence, our emotions, our human and emotional relationships, our relationship with the world and the people who inhabit it, the physical and the virtual,... at a vital moment in which the idea of distance and the idea of location have to be rethought, walking forward. YOU ARE HERE and so are we. 

MÓSTOLES CITY COUNCIL. Department of Culture. 


Postcard. / Maximum size: 15 x 21 cm. / Support and technique: Free. / Free intervention using as a pattern the image or icon attached to these BASES of the II International Mail Art Call USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ • YOU ARE HERE, and can also be used as a simple reference or inspiration. / It is recommended to submit only one work per author. 

15th April 2021, inclusive. / All works sent after that deadline will be discarded. / For those works received by post, the date of the postmark will be taken into account. 

Artists and general public. 

All works received will be part of the assembled, experimental and rare magazine PERIFERIA IMAGINARIA no. 4, both in its physical limited edition and in its online edition: https://periferiaimaginaria.blogspot.com 

With all the works received for the II International Mail Art Call USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ • YOU ARE HERE, a final exhibition will be held at the Villa de Móstoles Cultural Centre (Móstoles, Madrid, Spain), from 1stJune to 25th July 2021. / After the exhibition, the works will be deposited in the contemporary art funds of the Móstoles City Council. 

Works can be sent both by traditional postal mail (preferably without an envelope, duly franked and the support being the work itself), as well as online. 

· By POST: 
(II International Mail Art Call USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ • YOU ARE HERE) 
Plaza de la Cultura s/n, 28934 Móstoles (Madrid, Spain). 


● The II International Mail Art Call USTED ESTÁ AQUÍ • YOU ARE HERE, complies with the rest of the usual and historical characteristics of international Mail Art calls: No financial endowment. No jury. No selection. No refund. 

In order to adequately document its exhibition and edition, as well as to enable the subsequent sending of information on the results of the II International Mail Art Call, the personal data must be clearly filled in the DATA SHEET, attached to these BASES and/or be included in the support of the work. 

· Artistic name: ……………….. 

· City / Country: ……………….. 

· Email: ………………………….. 

● Participation in this Call implies full acceptance of its BASES and the decisions of the organizers. 





"The Unleashed TheARTre" catalog arrives from Germany

Janus Mail Art catalog 15, "The Unleashed TheARTre" is designed and published in Berlin, Germany in December 2020. It was the project I contributed with a collage. Thank you to Eberhard Janke, the curating artist of the project for sending me this color catalog. 12.5x21 cm in size, it has only 8 pages this time, covers included. The editorial note explains why: 
When conceiving the topic of this project at the end of 2019, nobody expected such a global unleashed drama to unfold. But from our current point of view it seems appropriate to place a warning figure on the cover. It's a XVII. century plague doctor with his beak mask and distance stick - an actor now reappeared as a symbol of the pandemic threat. This situation has changed a lot - including our editorial policy. Nevertheless, we hope you'll enjoy the performance of a company of no fewer than 181 actors from 33 nations - this time on a narrower stage. THE NIGHTSHIFT THEATRE wishes to thank all of you for your engagement in this polyphonic performance. And don't forget: it depends on you whether it remains true that "the show must go on". So stay aware & take care! 
The catalog is accompanied by the new mailart call naturally and thankfully: Quite As I Might Be: 

Postcards received from Cristiano Pallara, Italy

Two seperate cards "represent a view of Istanbul from the Galata Tower".
Thank you Cristiano.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Heinz Kröpfl, Austria

"Question and Answer"
 Thank you Heinz.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Şeniz Kabadayı Yuvarlak, Turkey

Thank you Şeniz.