Asymmetry: Collaged card in envelope from Guido Capuano, Italy

Thank you Guido.

Mailart in envelope received from Angela Caporaso, Italy

Thank you Angela.

Mailart arrives from Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

Break through the dark
a bright trail;
advances and is consumed
its long wandering gleam.

I follow the light that flees
like a moth to clarity;
that beat overwhelms me
In the empty vastness

In that instant I understand
the smallness of my world;
my fragile body, in the dark,
It is an aimless speck
Warm color,
smell in the hands,
sun essence.
Forest (photography).
Thank you Antonia.

Asymmetry in envelope from Şinasi Güneş, Turkey

Thank you Şinasi.

Mailart received from Atahan Kayra Eligül, Turkey

Thank you Atahan.

Asymmetry: Painting on paper from Özlem Sağlıyan Sönmez, Turkey

Thank you Özlem.

Asymmetry: Painted card from Guillaume Langou, France

Thank you Guillaume.

Postcard arrives from Jan Theuninck, Belgium

"Matrix" by Jan Theuninck, 2017.
Thank you Jan.

Breakthrough project catalog 34 from Zdeněk Šíma, Czech Republic

Here is my work in the catalog.
Thank you Zdeněk.

Collaged card received from Nasta Spencer, Russia

Thank you Nasta.

Postcard arrives from Jean-Philippe Gilliot, Belgium

Thank you Jean-Philippe.


TAOYS ongoing mail-art project

TAOYS The art of your sketchbooks 
Please send me your work to this email v.kab9@list.ru 
Free theme and materials. 
Resolution of your image is not less than 300 dpi. 
This is an internet project. 
All works will be published here: https://taoys.blogspot.com/ 
Vitaly Maklakov.