Mailart received in envelope from Pier Roberto Bassi, Italy

Artistamps and a poster in a decorated envelope.
The project is called From Zero to Infinity.
Thank you Roberto.

Mailart received from Lutz Anders, Germany

"Nothing else matters"
Thank you Lutz.

Call & Response: The Unleashed TheARTre

The project is called The Unleashed TheARTre.
My response must have arrived nowadays.
Yet these are the corona virus days.
So will I scream out louder now.
Thank you Eberhard Janke.

Asymmetry mailart from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

"Up and Down"
Thank you Katerina.

Grandpa & Me: Mail Art Invitation card arrives from Germany

Thank you Peter Netmail.

MA call card from Gianni Romizi: Mail Art Underground

Another late arrival in corona days.
More info about the project here.
I have already participated.
Thank you Gianni.

Asymmetry on envelope received from Miguel Jimenez, Spain

Thank you Miguel.

Print card received from Jan Theuninck, Belgium: Diplomacy

"Diplomacy" by Jan Theuninck.
Thank you Jan.


Mailart received from Melanie Reed, the USA

Small collage books,
a collaged card,
and a haiku
in a decorated envelope.
Thank you Melanie.
Melanie's website is surrealcollage.

Postcard received from Gianni Romizi, Italy: Mail Art Underground

The extended deadline for the project has also passed. This must be a thank you card sent after my piece arrived in Italy or sent as a call months ago. No reference to time of posting on the card which is not surprising in the new normal of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you Gianni.