Catalog of the project "Masks" from Chrystobal, Belgium

This almost A4 sized (20.7x29.6 cm) color catalog has 32 pages with the list of participants. The "Masks" project received mailart by 106 artists from 26 countries. Although a note says "some of the mail-art arrived damaged due to bad weather conditions", is also read that "all contributions will be exhibited at the National Championship for Philately 2016 in Roeselare, Belgium, on 10,11, and 12 June 2016. Info at www.westfila2016.be".
My contribution card to the project had a couple of used stamps added which seem to be missing according to the image in the catalog possibly due to the aforesaid conditions.
My thanks to Chrystobal for sending me this inspiring book of mail art.


Collaged card from IES Valdespartera in Zaragoza, Spain

My contribution to the project "Travellers & Explorers" is answered by the students of the High School  IES Valdespartera in Zaragoza, Spain. Thank you.