Received 10x15 cm card in a large registered envelope from José Brando, Venezuela

Technique: Mixta - Oleo / Tela

Postcard arrives from Dott Luigi Malizia, Italy

Mailart on cardboard from Diane Keys, the USA

Arrives another 22.7 x 15 cm card in envelope from RCBz, the USA

Outgoing collage in envelope to Lin Collette: Positivity / Negativity

Added & passed card in envelope to Stanislav Semkin, Russia

Added sth on Domenico Severino's printed card and sent to Stanislav Semkin in the 150th year of Italia.

Outgoing mailart in envelope to Simon Warren, UK


Printed postcard sent for the mailart exhibition in France

Theme: Nature, Ecology, Environment.
Destination: ECO-BOX, MJ CADCO.
Exhibition: 18/10 - 21/10/2011.
(A few copies sent to mailart friends also: Roberto Rios,
 Mim Golub Scalin, & Carlo M Guidici)


A Chuck Scalin collage printed on postcard

While the Scalins were visiting Istanbul in March, Chuck gave me this card. I kept this interesting collage in the book I was reading then and now I feel it's time to shelve the book ("İplikçi Sokağı", by Niyazi Yoltaş; about Tarlabaşı, the poor section of Beyoğlu, Istanbul) and file the card among received art.
See Chuck's place: http://www.chuckscalin.com/ .

Received from Douglas Galloway, the USA


Postcard in envelope to Forest Magic Mountain exhibition in Italy

Postcard in envelope to Forest Magic Mountain mailart exhibition in Italy. The same illustration of mine dating from my high school years is sent also to some mail artists, printed and signed original: I. I. Isaila, Domenico Severino, Ambassade D'Utopia, Cernjul Viviana, Catheriné Petré, Pedro Bericat, Miguel Jimenez, Cuan Miles, Lindenhof, Uli Grohmann.