Mailart received from Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Turkey

Thank you Mustafa.

Mailart received in envelope from Ted Trager, the USA

This is what Ted wants me to blind contour draw and send him the drawing. I hope to.
The color photos on the page are both of the traffic on highways
and the roadkill is no symmetrical indeed.
The back page contains a visual poetry if I'm not mistaken.
listen to shooby taylor "the human horn"
Thank you Ted.

Mailart arrives in envelope from Vittore Baroni, Italy

"Les Fleurs du Mail"
Thank you Vittore.

Group participation from the academy, Hungary & Romania

Kata Marosi
Eduard Jakabhazi
Alexandru Jakabhazi
Thank you all.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Simon Warren, the UK

Thank you Simon.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Anke Vos, Germany

"No symmetry under the sea".
Thank you Anke.

Mail Art Call received from Debra Mulnick, the USA

Thank you Debra.
Sorry received after the deadline.

Collaged card in envelope from Carien van Hest, Netherlands

Thank you Carien.

Mailart received in envelope from Zlatko Krstevski, Macedonia

Thank you Zlatko.

Asimmetria arrives from Guido Capuano, Italy

"Impossible Frescos"
Thank you Guido.

Mailart received from Anja Mattila-Tolvanen, Finland

Thank you Anja.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Hikmet Şahin, Turkey

Thank you Hikmet.

Fluxpostphotos of asymmetry by Horst Tress, Germany

Thank you Horst.

Asymmetry mailart arrives from Mikel Untzilla, Euskadi

Thank you Mikel.

Mailart received from Steve O. Black, the USA

Thank you Steve.

Brain Cell 1085 arrives from Ryosuke Cohen, Japan

Thank you Ryosuke.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Daniele Virgilio, Italy

Thank you Daniele.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Annegret Heinl, Germany

"broken roads 03" (digital painting).
"broken roads 04" (digital painting).
Thank you Annegret.

Received catalog "1945-End of worldwar II" from Lutz Anders, Germany

My work in the catalog here.
Thank you Lutz.
And here is his new Mail Art call:

Asymmetry postcard from Lutz Beeke, Deutschland

Thank you Lutz.