Mail art project in Szeged, Hungary

Mail art project in Szeged, Hungary: “Up in the Sky”
Theme: Aviation / airplanes / flying
Size / Format: 10x15 cm (4 by 6 inch) postcard
Technique: free
Conditions: The postcard should refer to the aviation, airplanes, or air transport.
All work will be exhibited in Summer 2018 (the date to be decided later) in an airshow.
Mail artworks received will be posted at: skymailart.blogspot.com
No jury, no fee, no return
Maximum 2 artworks per authors.
Offensive materials will not be published, but jokes are appeciated.
Deadline: June 1, 2018
Send to:
Gyöngyvirág u. 6/B 10/30 
Szeged H-6723 HUNGARY