Mail Art call from Mexico with theme: The Perfume

3er convocatoria de Arte Correo / 3rd Call for Mail Art
Summon Beetle Mail Artists and Artists of the world to participate and join the library Beetle.
▪ Topic: “The Perfume
▪ Number of works: Without limit
▪ Format: Free
▪ Technique: Free
▪ It dates of closing of he/she sent: 1 of September 2011
▪ No Jury, No Return, Documentation to the participants.
▪ Include your name, address or Web site.
All works will be exhibited in a gallery of Puebla in Mexico City in the month of September.
Publication and pursuit of all the sent works: http://escarabajointernacionaljvs.blogspot.com/
▪ Addresses sent to:
Jorge Valdes APT. Postal # 4 C.A.P. Toluca # 3 Central Camionera C.P. 50141 Toluca, México
Carlos Flores Rom 5to Retorno 5b Sur Ed 5 Letra B, Col. Loma Bella C.P. 72490 Puebla, México
▪ The works won't be object of any commercial transaction, but they will be able to be reproduced by the Scarab with the purpose divulgativa and being used in later exhibitions, studies and investigation works.
▪ The convocation is not competitive, there are not jury neither prizes.
▪ The participation in the convocation supposes the full acceptance of these bases.
Mail Art is a global movement of expression and artistic exchange and, above all, communication via email.
More information: maxjvs@gmail.com/ ; maxjv@hotmail.com http://escarabajointernacionaljvs.blogspot.com/