Mailart received from Steve O. Black, the USA

Thank you Steve.

Brain Cell 1085 arrives from Ryosuke Cohen, Japan

Thank you Ryosuke.

Asymmetry mailart arrives in envelope from Daniele Virgilio, Italy

Thank you Daniele.

Asymmetry mailart in envelope from Annegret Heinl, Germany

"broken roads 03" (digital painting).
"broken roads 04" (digital painting).
Thank you Annegret.

Received catalog "1945-End of worldwar II" from Lutz Anders, Germany

My work in the catalog here.
Thank you Lutz.
And here is his new Mail Art call:

Asymmetry postcard from Lutz Beeke, Deutschland

Thank you Lutz.

Asymmetry on A4 cardboard arrives from Rüdiger Goeritz, Germany

Thank you Rüdiger.

Separate A4 print copies of anachronism from Vittorio Politano, Italy

"L'anacronismo della guerra".
Thank you Vittorio.

Asymmetry on A4 cardboard from Merja H. Lepisto, Finland

"COVID Sense of Asymmetry".
Thank you Merja.

Asymmetry collage received from Joachim Buchholz, Germany

Thank you Joachim.

Collage with glittering lines from Verdiana Calia + Mattia Montemezzani

Thank you Verdiana and Mattia.

Asymmetry postcard arrives from Jan Theuninck, Belgium

"Diplomacy" by Jan Theuninck, 2015.
Thank you Jan.

Asymmetric portrait received from Spunk Seipel, Alemania

Thank you Spunk.

Asymmetry on cardboard from Laurent Wilmet, Belgium

Thank you Laurent.

Postcard arrives from Pantea Andrei Alecsandru, Portugal

Thank you Andrei.

Asymmetry mailart received from Johann Leschinkohl, Germany

Thank you Johann.


New mail art project: TAPES

Dear friend, 
Here's Silvano from Varazze, Italy. 
I've a new mail art project called TAPES
Please send me your tapes broken, smashed, manipulated etc. 
Deadline : 15 / 8 / 2021 
Submission address: Silvano Pertone, via Nuova Cantalupo 42a/1, 17019 Varazze, Savona, Italy 
Curator: Silvano Pertone / Fabio Rosso. 
Required dimensions: tape