Feel Mail postcard arrives from Pam Chavez, the USA

The wonderful hedhehog print cloth is sewn-on the card.
Feel the haptic poetry indeed.
Pam Chavez website here.
Thank you Pam.

MA call: International Mail Art Project "ICTUS", Spain


ICTUS is the leading cause of Acquired Brain Damage (DCA).
On the other hand, on October 29, the World Day to Fight against Stroke (ACV) is commemorated. 

In rehabilitation, after two months of an Stroke, the “Taller de Zenón” has decided to request the collaboration of all the mailartists in the world and their grain of sand for recovery.

The topic, the theme, will be about “ICTUS”, from any perspective.
Size: from post card (A6) to A4.
Free technique, original works, photocopies are not allowed.
Deadline: September 1st, 2020 (EXTENDED:) 20 October 2020
No jury. No fees. No return.
All the received work will be exhibited in a blog created ad hoc (mailart-ictus.blogspot.com)
Reply to all.

Send your participation to: 

Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenon 
C/Virgen de la Guia 1, 4ºC 
ES-41008 Sevilla España

(First blogged 24.02.2020 16:00).


Mailart received from Lutz Anders, Germany

"Nothing else matters"
Thank you Lutz.

Call & Response: The Unleashed TheARTre

The project is called The Unleashed TheARTre.
My response must have arrived nowadays.
Yet these are the corona virus days.
So will I scream out louder now.
Thank you Eberhard Janke.

Asymmetry mailart from Katerina Nikoltsou, Greece

"Up and Down"
Thank you Katerina.

Grandpa & Me: Mail Art Invitation card arrives from Germany

Thank you Peter Netmail.

MA call card from Gianni Romizi: Mail Art Underground

Another late arrival in corona days.
More info about the project here.
I have already participated.
Thank you Gianni.

Asymmetry on envelope received from Miguel Jimenez, Spain

Thank you Miguel.

Print card received from Jan Theuninck, Belgium: Diplomacy

"Diplomacy" by Jan Theuninck.
Thank you Jan.


Mailart received from Melanie Reed, the USA

Small collage books,
a collaged card,
and a haiku
in a decorated envelope.
Thank you Melanie.
Melanie's website is surrealcollage.

Postcard received from Gianni Romizi, Italy: Mail Art Underground

The extended deadline for the project has also passed. This must be a thank you card sent after my piece arrived in Italy or sent as a call months ago. No reference to time of posting on the card which is not surprising in the new normal of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you Gianni.