2nd Mail Art Exhibition with theme "Nothing", Kastamonu 2020, Turkey

2nd Mail Art Exhibition 2020 with theme "Nothing"
1. The theme has been determined as “nothing”.
2. You can join with up to 2 works.
3. Size should be maximum A4 size.
4. Painting, drawing, pattern, original printing, photography, digital art, collage etc. techniques are available.
5. The submitted works must be original. Participants should include their name, surname, technique, country and e-mail addresses on the back of their works.
6. The original prints and stamps should be on the works.
7. The works that are exhibited will not be returned. After the works are exhibited, all works will be included in the inventory of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Kastamonu University.
8. The images of the submitted works will be published on https://mailarthic.blogspot.com
9. "No commercial value" should be placed on the back of the submitted works.
10. Electronic participation certificate will be issued to the exhibitors whose works are exhibited and e-catalog will be published.
11. There is no participation fee. All rights of the submitted works will be transferred to Kastamonu University.
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31 December 2019 My Forest PORTUGAL

31 December 2019 Black Mermaids USA

31 December 2019 I'm here for you ARGENTINA

31 December 2019 Ray Johnson Double USA

31 December 2019 Against Repression ITALY

31 December 2019 Train No:1 RUSSIA

31 December 2019 Free theme GERMANY

31 December 2019 Free Mail Art ITALY

31 December 2019 Journal Pages USA

31 December 2019 Mailart to TAIWAN

15 December 2019 The "Fellinian" world ITALY

10 November 2019 Intimate Violence FRANCE

01 November 2019 Mushrooms PORTUGAL

01 November 2019 Acro-Gym BELGIUM

31 October 2019 I'm not the plastic man ITALY

31 October 2019 Lighthouses ARGENTINA

31 October 2019 Travel / Trip BELGIUM

31 October 2019 That's my milieu GERMANY

31 October 2019 The Wall RUSSIA

31 October 2019 Bauhaus 100 years SPAIN

31 October 2019 Artist's Menu ITALY

31 October 2019 Cactus SPAIN

31 October 2019 Original GREECE

30 October 2019 Los Migrantes COLOMBIA

28 October 2019 Falling Walls UK

01 October 2019 Our Body ARGENTINA

01 October 2019 What's living under my bed? USA

30 September 2019 Dare a Color Square Dance GERMANY

30 September 2019 Who is animal? BRAZIL

30 September 2019 Free theme ARGENTINA

30 September 2019 Cinema ARGENTINA

16 September 2019 Man on the Moon CROATIA

15 September 2019 Coffee on the Mountain BRAZIL

15 September 2019 So Happy? FRANCE

15 September 2019 Humanitas ITALY

10 September 2019 Eureka! ITALY

10 September 2019 Legends and Myths USA

09 September 2019 Dada / Fluxus / Mail Art BELGIUM

31 August 2019 The Moon ITALY

31 August 2019 Once upon a time FRANCE

31 August 2019 Fight your windmills BELGIUM

30 August 2019 Stop being normal BRAZIL

20 August 2019 Food, Wine & Culture PORTUGAL

20 August 2019 Structures USA

01 August 2019 Draw Me Your Favorite Book UK

31 July 2019 Island TURKEY

30 July 2019 At the beginning of 21st century SERBIA

20 July 2019 Woman ARGENTINA

15 July 2019 The Dada Dice ARGENTINA

13 July 2019 Sea, Fire, and Human GREECE

30 June 2019 Correspondance FRANCE

30 June 2019 Anachronism TURKEY

25 June 2019 Mailart che spacca ITALY

20 June 2019 Final Burial SPAIN

21 May 2019 Galileo Galilei R. MACEDONIA

20 May 2019 The Birds of the Air GERMANY

15 May 2019 Postmodern TURKEY

01 May 2019 Think Global - Act Local (B&W) GERMANY

30 April 2019 Gold-beater-city Schwabach GERMANY

30 April 2019 1824: German Immigration in Brazil

30 April 2019 We Dada Wonderful Shozo ITALY

30 April 2019 Leonardo da Vinci ITALY

30 April 2019 Freedom THE NETHERLANDS


31 March 2019 The Monk THE NETHERLANDS

31 March 2019 E-mail only USA

30 March 2019 Landscape ITALY

15 March 2019 Mandible USA

28 February 2019 Landscapes ITALY

15 February 2019 Onward USA

14 February 2019 Tea Time again! USA


New Year greeting cards from Antonia Mayol Castello, Spain

Inside me
in the dark vastness
eclipsing planets,
satellites and asteroids.
I observe,
subtle star lights,
the rhythmic flickering of the pulsars.
And finally, I dissolve myself
in nothing ambiguous
of a black hole.
Thank you Antonia.
Best wishes for 2020.


Dare a Colour Square Dance catalog arrives from Germany

Janus Mail Art catalog 14: "Dare a Colour Square Dance" is designed and published in Berlin, Germany in November 2019. It was the project I contributed with a collage. Thank you to Eberhard Janke, the curating artist of the project for sending me this color catalog. 12.5x21 cm in size, it has 36 pages, covers included.
"As a reminder: the format constraint of this project, yet not the theme, has been equal image height and width. The actual theme has been to dare a square dance/let (of/with/within colour/ed squares) - thus literally correspondance.
Squaredance is known as a Northamerican folk dance, engaging four couples located opposite each other in a square formation - where they perform moves and changes according to instructions of a caller - thus literally call & response." (From the Editorial)
No less than 190 contributors from 36 countries sent in their work. From Turkey the works of the following artists are published in the catalog: Meral Ağar, Derya Avcı, and Kemal Özyurt.
Also the new project for 2020 is called: The Unleashed TheARTre.