Call: (DIS)Borders International Exhibition of Visual Poetry 2017, Brazil

Wherever you are, send us a visual poetry, a postal artwork, a postcard poetry, a concretepoetry-artwork, undo barriers, dissolve the borders and make part of this international exhibition.
Types of art: Free.
Technique: It’s about sending by post a work that can be a poetry, a visual production, or what you understand by visual poetry. Write, paint, draw, paste, sew, print, photograph! The materiality must be necessarily sent by mail, without a stamp, it doesn’t fit.
Send it until August 21st , 2017.
Send to the adress:
FEEVALE Theather (Cultural Space)
ERS-239, n° 2755
Câmpus II – Feevale University
Zip Code: 93.548-48
Novo Hamburgo, RS, Brazil
Including your fullname, City, Country, email and the title: (DIS)BORDERS
* There is no selection. The works wont be returned. All the works received will be exposed and will make part of a digital catalogue.
** The exhibition will take place at Feevale Cultural Space, from 04/09 to 05/11/2017.
Production: FEEVALE Cultural Space, PET
Support: FEEVALE Theather, Circular Project, LAMM, Arte na Escola
Achievement: Feevale University.


International mail art project : Essence of the universe

Theme: Essence of the universe
Deadline: March 31, 2018
Media: Photographs, collages, visual poems,
paintings, prints, digital images...
Size: Postcard size
Your work will be displayed on my blogspot.
No jury, no fee, no return
Documentation to all.
Please snail mail to:
Sinasi Gunes
Ferikoy Mah.
Lala Sahin Sok.
Renk Apt. No: 77/1
Sisli - Istanbul / Turkey


Time mailart received from Biro Ildiko, Hungary

Wind mailart arrives from Biro Ildiko, Hungary

Time mailart from Jakabhazi Alexandru, Romania

Wind mailart from Jakabhazi Alexandru, Romania

Again but Not the Same catalog arrives from Germany

Janus Mail Art catalog "Again but Not the Same" is designed and printed in Berlin, Germany in December 2016. It was the project I contributed with a collage of repetition of horse images I had already made just by the long arm of coincidence at the time of the call.
My thanks to Eberhard Janke, the curating artist of the project for sending me this color catalog. 12.5x21 cm in size, it has 36 pages, covers included. From Turkey the works of the following artists are published in the catalog: Meral Ağar, Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Türkan Elçi, Kemal Özyurt, Hilal Turşoluk, and Ayşe Sıdıka Uğur.
And the new project for 2017 is called: Arti fictional Intelli- Gents.