Dare a Colour Square Dance catalog arrives from Germany

Janus Mail Art catalog 14: "Dare a Colour Square Dance" is designed and published in Berlin, Germany in November 2019. It was the project I contributed with a collage. Thank you to Eberhard Janke, the curating artist of the project for sending me this color catalog. 12.5x21 cm in size, it has 36 pages, covers included.
"As a reminder: the format constraint of this project, yet not the theme, has been equal image height and width. The actual theme has been to dare a square dance/let (of/with/within colour/ed squares) - thus literally correspondance.
Squaredance is known as a Northamerican folk dance, engaging four couples located opposite each other in a square formation - where they perform moves and changes according to instructions of a caller - thus literally call & response." (From the Editorial)
No less than 190 contributors from 36 countries sent in their work. From Turkey the works of the following artists are published in the catalog: Meral Ağar, Derya Avcı, and Kemal Özyurt.
Also the new project for 2020 is called: The Unleashed TheARTre.

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