"The Unleashed TheARTre" catalog arrives from Germany

Janus Mail Art catalog 15, "The Unleashed TheARTre" is designed and published in Berlin, Germany in December 2020. It was the project I contributed with a collage. Thank you to Eberhard Janke, the curating artist of the project for sending me this color catalog. 12.5x21 cm in size, it has only 8 pages this time, covers included. The editorial note explains why: 
When conceiving the topic of this project at the end of 2019, nobody expected such a global unleashed drama to unfold. But from our current point of view it seems appropriate to place a warning figure on the cover. It's a XVII. century plague doctor with his beak mask and distance stick - an actor now reappeared as a symbol of the pandemic threat. This situation has changed a lot - including our editorial policy. Nevertheless, we hope you'll enjoy the performance of a company of no fewer than 181 actors from 33 nations - this time on a narrower stage. THE NIGHTSHIFT THEATRE wishes to thank all of you for your engagement in this polyphonic performance. And don't forget: it depends on you whether it remains true that "the show must go on". So stay aware & take care! 
The catalog is accompanied by the new mailart call naturally and thankfully: Quite As I Might Be: 

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